Examples of our products

Artwork Trolleys


Pneumatic wheeled, high maneuverability, carpeted divisions, bungy cords at ends to retain paintings etc. Usually supplied with waterproof covers.



Assembly Workstations


With facilities for electronic equipment




Audiovisual Trolleys for Schools/Institutions

av_trolley av_trolley_1

Usually designed for inside use, outside use and for transportation in elevators. Drawers are often incorporated for storage of cords, accessories, tapes etc. Security straps or high tensile cords are usually attached for security. Any number or type of shelf can be incorporated. Power supply usually built in.

Caged Safety Trolleys


Used to avoid movement of products in transit, usually very unstable objects.



Care Facility Dispensing Trolleys

dispensing_trolley dispensing_trolley_1

Lockable, facilities for records, fold up work surfaces



Demonstration Equipment Trolleys

demonstration_equipment_trolley_1 demonstration_equipment_trolley




Demonstration Modules


Designed to be wheeled into lecture rooms/labratories etc with a removable bridge between two mobile units. Often have heatproof tops.



Depressable Dump Bins


Depressable platform, heavy duty swivel castors, P.V.C. corner mouldings, finished in Meltica Rimu wood laminate (other colours available on request), rounded grab handles.


Electronics Benches/Trolleys

electronics_workbench electronics_workbench_1

Sizes up to 3600mm x 1200mm top covered with antistatic laminate and electronic racks fitted at back and fully powered rimu bullnose edgings on top and complete with footrests.


Instrument Trolleys

instrument_trolley instrument_trolley_1 instrument_trolley_2

Instrument trolleys for delicate equipment which must be frequently moved. Most major electronics manufacturers have made use of this service. Sometimes we use spring mounted instrument platforms to eliminate vibration.

Laptop Trolleys

laptop_trolley laptop_trolley_1

For storage and transport of any number of laptops. Usually incorporate locks, alarm and provision for charging during storage. A fan is usually installed for cooling.


Library Trolleys

all_swivel_trolley straight_runner

Over the years with considerable input from major libraries we have developed two main models: The All Swivel and the Straight Runner. We have taken into account good ergonomics, ease of movement and longevity.

Mobile Factory Bins

mobile_factory_bin mobile_factory_bin_1

For finished product or waste. Sometimes have slide out bottom to release contents into wastetakers and lifting with forklift.


Pneumatic Wheeled Trolleys

pneumatic_wheel pneumatic_wheel_1

Pneumatic wheeled trolleys for movement of delicate or valuable art works. Fully carpeted with vertical divisions.


Understage Trolleys

understage_1 understage_2

Understage trolleys for stowage of items under hall stages. These are underslung and are mainly used for the transportation and storage of sports equipment, trestles etc under stages which usually have very little available head height clearance.

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