All Swivel



All joints are fully welded. Horizontal bearers that wheels are bolted through are very heavy steel. This allows the use of 12mm bolts with “Nylock” locknuts to bolt wheels securely without ever loosening. Inserting wheels up the four vertical corners is not satisfactory as wheels eventually loosen. Frame is powder coated to your choice of colour.


Each shelf is supported by three cross straps. Shelves can be covered in vinyl or made of melamine or any other material. A third shelf can easily be fitted to base if required.


Chosen tube diameter allows a firm grip. They can be placed at one end or both ends or at any other height. Usually different heights at each end if preferred.


Specially imported – sealed bearings with seals and lint guards. Frequently carpet fibre and hair buildup prevents wheels rolling and swivelling correctly. These wheels are very high quality and are 175mm (7”) diameter to give superior movement.

Shelf Ends

Unbreakable polycarbonate.


These trolleys are very easy to use and highly manoeuverable. Large wheels give excellent performance on uneven surfaces, lift entrances and carpet. Wide wheel base adds to stability.

Designed by Glimmer Design.